a few more birthday pics


Race car party

Holt loves anything to do with race cars, nascar, etc.  He knows all the drivers name and he plays with his cars every single day.  With lots of help we made 18 race cars for the kiddos.  They were a hit (and worth all the hours it took to make them!!)

Making the license plates….

It’s race time…..

And the final attraction–Pops’ race car!



Happy Day Holt!

Happy 4th Birthday, Holt! We had the best day celebrating and your race car party was so much fun (more pictures of Holt’s race car/nascar/redneck party to come!)  Tonight you said your favorite part of today was running around in the race cars with all your buddies. And Annie loved telling you numerous times today, “HAPPY DAY HOLT”.

And here’s a sneak peak of the party and Holt’s nascar getup….


Trying to catch this blog up with pictures…..

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Southport for Chris & Jolan’s wedding.  We had the best time with family and oh i just love southport. Here are some pictures from their rehearsal dinner.  it was beautiful–we walked/scootered to the dinner which was right on the water, there was a nice breeze and all around it was awesome!.  have i mentioned how much i love southport?!

Becca Bec and Annie J

Walker and Holt pretending to be snakes in the grass.  they had the best time chasing each other around!

Annie’s first toe nail painting experience

This summer

this summer has been so fun but a little nuts with traveling….so far we have been to southport, concord, myrtle beach, nags head and orlando.  we are staying home for the next couple of weeks and im quite excited for a little rest at home and minimal time in the car!  there are lots of pictures to catch up on but here are some highlights from my real camera (many of our travels have only been documented by our phones….)

Chris and Jolan’s wedding in southport.  It was beautiful and so fun.  Poor Annie was sick and i did everything possible to hide my spider bite from everyone.  I loved Holt’s wedding get-up complete with a tie (thanks mom) and Jgas did an awesome job officiating! Oh and Holt and Walker had the.best.time playing!

Sea World! according to holt the below picture is of us and ‘shampoo’. we had a blast visiting the CO staff in Orlando.  And it was especially fun seeing them in action at sea world….many more stories/pics to come on this trip…

And disney!! what a fun day.  yes we did magic kingdom in one day but we had excellent tour guides and we were able to ride everything! it was awesome and we can’t wait to go back.  thanks for hanging with us Mark, Amanda and fam!

The Little Bear Class

Holt’s first day of preschool back in September….

And the last day for Holt in the little bears class….

Thank you so much Ms Jennifer and Ms Jerry for loving and teaching Holt this year.

I think we ended up walking/scootering to school 90% of the time-in the cold, wind, rain and heat.

Monday was Jason’s day to drop off Holt. And typical Jgas would always make silly faces through the window when picking up Holt making his buddies and teachers laugh.  And I can never forget the time Jgas held up the carpool line for 10 minutes….

Holt wanted to check the calendar every morning to see who was going to be the leader bear.  He looked forward to his day monthly!

Holt’s thoughtful teachers had a birthday celebration for Holt the last monday of school since his birthday is in August.

Ms. Jennifer told me at the end of the year picnic that she let Holt be the leader bear on the last day of school spontaneously because he had been so patient and calm during the craziness of all the last day of school activities.

And my spider bite (more to come on this) was the worst it had been on the last day of school.  And both Holt’s teachers checked on me after school was over through calling and facebook to make sure i was ok.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

What a great year.  We are so thankful.